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Opaque Colours

Designed specifically for use on darker fabrics, EVERTEX Opaque Colours deliver unparalleled color opacity that brings your designs to life with vibrant intensity.

Ready to elevate your printing projects?

Find the perfect shades for your next masterpiece. With a wide variety of colors available, you’ll have endless possibilities to unleash your creativity and achieve stunning results.

EVERTEX Opaque Colours

Elevate your fabric printing projects with our exceptional range of pre-mixed Opaque Colours.

Unsurpassed Color Opacity: Our Opaque Colours are formulated to provide maximum coverage on even the darkest fabrics, ensuring that your prints stand out with vivid clarity and richness.

Super Elasticity: Experience the freedom to create dynamic designs without compromising on flexibility. EVERTEX Opaque Colours maintain superb elasticity, allowing your prints to stretch and move with the fabric without losing their integrity.

Crack Resistance: Say goodbye to worries about print durability. Our specially formulated colors are crack-resistant, ensuring that your designs remain flawless and intact even after repeated wear and washing.

Join countless satisfied customers who trust EVERTEX Opaque Colours for their fabric printing needs.