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Versatility is at the core of COLORMATT’s capabilities.

Whether you’re producing vibrant posters, eye-catching displays, or captivating point-of-sale materials, this ink delivers superior performance, guaranteeing impeccable results every time.

With COLORMATT, precision is paramount—cutting and creasing tasks are executed with utmost accuracy, ensuring flawless outcomes for your projects.

Embrace the freedom to explore various printing substrates with confidence.


Experience the unparalleled quality of COLORMATT, a cutting-edge thin film screen ink meticulously designed for hand and semi-automatic printing applications across a diverse range of paper and board substrates.

Formulated as a self-solvent ink, COLORMATT excels in providing exceptional screen stability, ensuring consistent results with every print job.

Its rapid drying properties facilitate quick attainment of a smooth matte finish, elevating the visual appeal of your prints.

From standard paper and board to coated materials and corrugated board, COLORMATT effortlessly adapts to different surfaces, unleashing boundless creative possibilities.

Elevate your printing experience with COLORMATT—the ultimate choice for unmatched quality and versatility in screen printing.